PBMD's activities cover:

  • Strategic studies carried out prior to any property development or restructuring of a property portfolio
  • Building survey and planning checks prior to a property acquisition
  • Project monitoring
  • Information systems for project management or property management.

Strategic studies

These types of studies will include:

  • Town planning
  • Surveys of needs
  • Master planning
  • Advice to clients on environmental quality procedures

Building surveys

This type of service is of special interest to potential purchasers of property who require, before committing themselves to the acquisition, a detailed technical knowledge of the property and what planning regulations apply, carried out by someone independent.

Project monitoring​

This type of service is of particular interest to investment funds who wish to take advantage of competent professional advice within the context of the purchase of a building from plans or during the course of construction. Monitoring of the building once built and in operation will interest the same investment funds where the building has been rented out.

Dedicated information systems​

The exchange of information between different parties to a construction project or property management require a rigorous system to be put in place.

PBMD offers clients who wish for this type of support a range of services integrating the tools of the WEB which permit:

  • The exchange and preservation of documents on a project
  • Programming an operation and follow-up
  • Cost and budgetary control