Today, it's compulsory to use Decision Support Systems (DSS) for the follow-up of projects and facility management. PBMD is well aware of this reality and developed expertise in this field. The following examples are specific and effective solutions we use:

​Documentary Server

This collaborative tool allows document sharing between the people involved in the same project. Control and workflow tools guarantee the confidentiality of the data. PBMD staff also use this server for the daily management of the company activity.​

Facility Data Server

It's essential to know all the components of a facility for optimal management. PBMD delivers tools allowing each manager of a facility to get access to the information necessary for the tasks.The Facility Data Server provides information validation and update tools, the follow-up of actions and delivers the data in an alphanumeric (database) way or a graphical one (charts, interactive maps and floor plans). The use of Mapguide Open Source is a great asset for the viewing of maps and floor plans.